An excellent standard among drivers

Quality, reliability and professionalism are the cornerstones of our business.

Consequently, the highest standards of proven expertise and experience are required for all of our drivers. All drivers employed by Ultimate Taxis need to have obtained a Private Hire License from the Local Council. This license requires the driver to have passed a CRB check, a full medical examination, a DSA driving test, a knowledge test and to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of the local area. In short, our drivers are among the most qualified taxi drivers on the road.

Ultimate Taxi Service

At Ultimate Taxis, we pride ourselves on offering the same high standard of service all year round. Our drivers are available 24/7, including all holidays – so you’ll never be without a lift! We cover all taxi services in Telford and Newport, including:

  • Regular taxis e.g the school run
  • Pre-booking taxis for events or appointments
  • Any other reason you may require a taxi in and around Telford and Newport!

Pre-book your taxi here, or call us for a speedy and reliable taxi service now.